Mary Wiseman is for Hire

I solve problems with design and create learning experiences: instructional online curricula, eLearning courses, job aids, technical procedures, ebooks, blogs, websites, digital work, graphics, videos and I contribute to eclectic projects for other people and businesses.

Mary Wiseman is a mother, daughter, sister, friend and adoptive mother to two rambunctious kitties named Holly and Izzy. She is a designer, organizer, writer, cook, paper artist, yogi and photographer who loves to investigate, explore and uncover the details. She loves, jazz, travel, raspberries, vintage clothing, learning new things and hardware stores.

Her work has been published in magazines and exhibited nationally. She is currently working on designing online courses. Mary currently lives in Northampton, Massachusetts in a lovely loft space. Read more about her observations and for information about her instructional design samples, email her.

Mary is a highly motivated, curious and innovative individual whose successful background in design has given her years of accomplished experience, in both academic and corporate settings. Mary is recognized as a hands-on, proactive problem-solver who rapidly identifies issues, formulates strategic plans and initiates and implements new processes in challenging and diverse environments.

She has an outstanding ability to synchronize logistics, budgets, and the people-power required to implement designs and projects while collaborating with and inspiring others. Mary focuses on details while keeping an eye on the big-picture and long-term goals.

I love working with artists and musicians.

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