Here is what people are saying about working with Mary:

“The unique and holistic approach Mary brings to instructional design has engaged people who were initially uncomfortable and hesitant to enter the realm of online learning.  In any collaboration, Mary listens first to the instructor’s objectives, probes for underlying needs, and offers flexible solutions that meet the instructor’s needs and preempt their long term needs.” “Her methods of support and follow-up are effective and noteworthy. Her commitment to student achievement does not stop. Throughout each online course, she provides stable and consistent academic support, technical assistance, and enthusiasm for students and instructors.” Kristin Kicza, Distance Learning Coordinator, The Collaborative for Educational Services

“As a result of my taking this great course, I will definitely sign up for another online course for credits or professional development. Meg and Mary are too good to be true. Thanks for a truly exciting, challenging, and enlightening learning experience.”
From one of the eLearner Coaches of the eLearner Coach Course Grades 6-12

“The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive and provided us with exciting and interesting resources including the texts, articles, websites, and videos to reinforce the importance of SDL for elearners and traditional students.  I can’t even express my extreme satisfaction with the webinar experiences in a only a few sentences.  Every Tuesday night our small class worked as a supportive and committed group of teachers who continue to have the wonderful desire to learn new strategies and techniques to help all of our students.”  From a eLearner Coach, eLearner Coach Course Grades 6-12

“I just want to thank both[this was directed to me and the online virtual instructor] of you for coaching Jonathan through his online course. Having your support was critical, especially when he got stuck on certain material. It was a big deal for him to recover credit for Algebra, but more importantly, he developed self-directed learning skills. He came up with his own strategies for completing the course and that is something he can apply to any class from now on. So, thanks again for your hard work and dedication to making this work and maybe we’ll get to see each other F2F sometime soon.”
A father of one of the Algebra Online students

“I am currently completing my Master’s in Education at Tufts, MA and I thought of you as I finished my student teaching for my teaching license in visual arts a couple of months ago. I want to thank you for everything you’ve taught me. You are one of the most amazing teachers I have had. (Now that I know how it feels to teach at a high school everyday, I am starting to appreciate all the planning and thoughts all my teachers have put into my education more than I had in high school, as well as learning from them) Not only did you teach me skills and knowledge, but many valuable qualities and experiences such as patience, flexibility and much more. A former International School of Beijing Student

You were more than just a teacher. You were, and will always be a great mentor and inspiration. Thank you for your guidance, Ms. Wiseman.”––Kitty Yuen Yi Chung, International School Beijing  Alumni 2005

“Mary Wiseman has been supervising the 3a effort until now, and has done an outstanding job. Mary’s willingness to shoulder a lot of the set-up for 3a was one of the factors that made our team efforts on 3b as successful as they were.  Mary is thorough, very well organized and impeccably professional in all she does.”

“I couldn’t have been more pleased.  Mary’s work is thorough with no tasks being left undone.  In addition, I have found her to be reliable and honest.  What I find especially pleasing is her talent to add personal touches to the work she does.”

“Mary is able to quickly access a situation and offer solutions to solve the problems at hand.”