Work w/Me

I like to work with cool, interesting people, like you who are doing innovative projects to promote yourself and your products and services. Here is a list of some of the services and products I can help you with.  Let’s Talk. 

Instructional Design:

I can assist you in creating any of the following types of tools.

Mobile Marketing:

Did you know by 2013 primary Internet access will be via mobile devices.

  • So, what does your website look like on a mobile device?

Do you really want to frustrate your potential clients by making them scroll around their mobile phone just to read  your website?  I don’t think so.  Let me help assist your by mobilizing your website and



I can help you make sense of all your stuff or systems. I will work side-by-side with you to wrestle any out-of-control stuff or work flow.

  • Don’t have any systems?
  • Have too much stuff?

Let me coach you and assist you in creating order of your stuff and systems that make sense to you and your business.